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Good benefits for the state to support the return of enterprises! From 00:00 on February 17 to the end of the epidemic prevention and control work, toll highways throughout the country will be free of vehicle tolls

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Recently, in order to support the resumption of work by the state, from 00:00 on February 17 to the end of the epidemic prevention and control work, toll roads throughout the country are free of vehicle tolls.


It was learned from the Ministry of Transport that with the consent of the State Council, toll-free roads nationwide will be exempted from vehicle tolls from 07:00 on February 17 to the end of epidemic prevention and control. Specific deadlines will be announced separately.


It is understood that the toll-free scope is all toll roads (including toll bridges and tunnels) approved in accordance with the law in accordance with the "Regulations of the People's Republic of China on Highways" and "Regulations on the Administration of Toll Roads". . Among them, the connected toll expressway is based on the time when the vehicle leaves the toll lane at the exit, and the open toll expressway and ordinary toll road are based on the time that the vehicle passes through the toll lane of the toll station.


The Ministry of Transport issued a notice to clarify the specific work of exempting toll road vehicle tolls during the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, and the people's governments of provinces (regions, municipalities) are responsible for the unified organization and implementation. Under the unified leadership of the local government, provincial transportation authorities should formulate plans, implement responsibilities, refine measures, strengthen road maintenance, protect people's lives and physical health, and ensure epidemic prevention and control, production and living, in conjunction with relevant departments. Material transportation, support for enterprises to resume work and production, and provide strong support for the stability of the economic and social situation.


The support of governments at all levels has facilitated the resumption of work for Shandong Chenyu Environmental Protection New Material Technology Co., Ltd. The company responded to the call and actively mobilized resumption of work to strengthen epidemic prevention and control measures, ensuring the safety of employees and timely resumption of work.