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Chen qi fighting the "epidemic" we are in action

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Before the resumption of Chenqi Group, fully understand the arrangement and deployment of epidemic prevention and control and resumed work. According to the suggestions made by the county government's prevention and control team, all departments of Chenye Group strictly do the epidemic prevention and control of resumed production and work. Multi-party monitoring and multiple guarantees, protective measures for employees who have resumed and resumed production are in place, and the scene of resumed and resumed production is scientific and orderly, showing a booming production scene.


1. Take the first control card for good epidemic prevention and control (strict inspection)


In order to ensure the smooth resumption of work and production, and to ensure the safety of personnel in the production area and the office, a health checkpoint is set up at the entrance of the company. All employees entering the factory area should take their temperature, disinfect and register.




Everyone takes their temperature, they all have to register.

Body kill when entering the factory

Do not gather and separate into the factory

Vehicle disinfection, careful prevention and control.

2. Keep the second management card of epidemic prevention and control (full disinfection)


Before resuming production and resuming work, the plant area and production workshop will send special personnel to disinfect the production office area and living area. After resuming work, the plant area, workshop, warehouse, restaurant, office area, etc. will be regularly killed every day.

At the same time, publicity banners and posters for epidemic prevention are posted at the company's gates and bulletin boards, providing a clean and safe environment for employees to resume work.

3. Prevent the third epidemic prevention and control card (full protection)


Various departments strictly require that all employees must take personal protective measures before returning to work, and require wearing masks throughout the work to ensure the safety of individuals and others.

4. Optimistic about the fourth management card for epidemic prevention and control (logistics guarantee)


In order to ensure that all work is carried out safely and in an orderly manner, all departments effectively do a good job in logistics support and prepare materials for epidemic prevention. At the same time, the employees' canteens were cleaned, disinfected and cleaned. After the work was resumed, periodic meals were taken daily. Employees must wear masks to take meals and so on.

With these four epidemic prevention and control levels, the safety of employees who have resumed work and resumed production is assured, and their hearts feel more at ease. Chen Chen people returning to work will actively take good care and work hard to resume production, and contribute their strength to defeat the epidemic and promote the high-quality development of Chen Qi Group.


Strict protection and enthusiastic return to work;


Chen qi, look forward to your return!