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War epidemic guaranteed export Chenqi products are welcomed by customers

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Facing the severe epidemic situation of the new crown virus, since the resumption of work on February 11th, Chenchen Group has organized employees and backbone forces to actively carry out production work after fully preparing for epidemic prevention in accordance with the requirements of production orders to achieve epidemic prevention production. The company has successively completed the export tasks of many batches of pulp tableware in the Americas, Europe, Southeast Asia, etc. to meet the urgent needs of customers.


In addition, in order to actively respond to the changes in the market after the epidemic, the Chenyu Group carried out all-round market research and analysis, production and sales balance, and supply chain scheduling, so as to achieve early planning, early deployment, implementation, practical results, and go all out Product production to ensure that customer needs are met.


During the epidemic, the Chenyu Group strictly controlled and controlled, comprehensively arranged, focused on control, and strictly prevented the outbreak. Start the door to measure the body temperature, check the wearing of masks, and strictly "close the entrance". Establish emergency prevention plans, disinfection systems, dining systems and other measures to regularly disinfect public areas such as production workshops, office areas, staff canteens, and warehouses. Encourage employees to bring their own tableware, disperse meals, and eliminate transmission risks to the greatest extent. Strengthen public opinion guidance, post prevention and control slogans, and strengthen the awareness of prevention and control among all employees.


Thanks to everyone's joint efforts, Chenxian Pulp Tableware's overseas export orders have been completed as scheduled. The people of Chen Li made great efforts to guarantee the hard work and sincerity of the order. The products are exported to the Americas, Europe, Southeast Asia and other parts of the world. They have moved overseas customers and expressed deep gratitude.


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