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Plastic bags, plastic lunch boxes, cups and straws were expelled from Hainan, and the country will follow up

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After nine months of opinion polls,
Hainan Province released the first batch of plastic bans,
From Eastern Hawaii to expel plastic from Treasure Island,
A decisive step.
From the first batch of lists,
Although it is still nine months before it takes effect,
But the scope of the ban is huge,
Have a wide impact on people ’s lives,
"Hainan Province Prohibited Production and Sale of Disposable Non-degradable Plastic Products List (First Batch)"
Including polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polystyrene (PS), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA), polyethylene terephthalate (PET) Non-biodegradable polymer materials such as disposable films, bags, tableware, such as shopping bags, paper-plastic composite packaging bags, garbage bags, and disposable plastic lunch boxes, bowls, beverage cups and straws.
This time the new rules were introduced,
It has caused a great response online.
Supported by netizens.
all of these,
Originated from the environmental awareness of Hainanese people.
The negative energy of plastic is being infinitely amplified
They murder marine animals,
They erode the soil,
They pollute drinking water sources,
They will endanger all humanity.
The implementation of the new regulations means that starting from December 1, this year, Hainan will not see shopping bags, paper-plastic composite packaging bags, garbage bags, and disposable plastic lunch boxes, bowls, beverage cups, and straws. , Especially lunch boxes, drink cups and straws, if you can not find a good alternative, it will cause great inconvenience to people's lives.
However, these issues have been resolved. In recent years, with the continuous advancement of technology, various perfect alternatives such as degradable plastics and pulp molding products have penetrated into every corner of our lives. Especially for paper-molded products, the source of raw materials covers almost all plant fibers, which is the ultimate solution for plastics. In recent years, paper-molded products have made breakthrough progress in terms of appearance texture, cost, production capacity and printing technology.
It is not difficult to see that not only plastic meal boxes can be replaced by paper products, but some large plastic products can also find the perfect alternative.
Paper-molded products use plant fiber such as sugarcane, bamboo, reeds and waste paper as raw materials. After pulping, molding, and subsequent processes, they are made into a variety of waterproof, oil-proof, food-contact, and degradable plastic substitutes .
According to the current development trend of using paper to replace plastic, the broad prospects of paper mold packaging can be called "Haotian Yiji". Professor Liberty Vittert of Washington University in St. Louis also calculated a bill. The plastic produced in 2018 can fill 72 trillion large shopping bags. Each large shopping bag can hold 31 plastic bottles, and the manufacturing cost of each plastic bottle is 3.25 cents, so a shopping bag filled with empty plastic bottles is worth 31 x 3.25 = 100.75 cents, which is equivalent to about $ 1. That is to say, the production cost of 72 trillion bags of plastic waste generated in 2018 was 72 trillion US dollars.
It is foreseeable that in the green process of replacing paper with plastic, the business opportunities for many industries in China can be described as incredible!