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Qingming | Send mourning and fearlessness

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Qingming this year is a bit different from previous years. In this special epidemic of national war, hundreds of millions of compatriots fight side by side, and heroes of war epidemic emerge in endlessly.
Today, apart from offering sacrifices to our ancestors and offering flowers to our loved ones, we must also offer flowers to the heroes who fight against the epidemic. Let us remember the heroes together and pay tribute to the heroes who have opened up spring for us!
"Everything grows at this time, it is clean and clear, so it is called Qingming." Qingming implies the cultural connotation of respecting the ancestors and respecting the virtue and looking back on Huaiyuan. When the vegetation is growing and everything is growing, reviewing the past and looking back quietly allows us to have a deeper understanding of the value of real life, and it also brings our understanding of life to the next level. Every time you stop, it is to start better. To commemorate the life that left in the epidemic, to cherish the lost loved ones, to make us face the future, cherish life and love life more. Bearing in mind the thoughts and emotions that Qingming brings to oneself, the pace of progress will be more firm and full of strength.
The most beautiful April day in the world, the picture of spring has once again spread in our lives. Let us live up to the spring, work hard to protect our lives, and fight for a happy life. May the Chinese nation be free from disasters, and hope that the motherland will prosper and prosperity.