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Gao Ying County Party Secretary Zhang Ying and his entourage inspected the construction of the Chenqi project

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On the afternoon of April 16, Zhang Ying, Secretary of Gaotang County Party Committee, Wang Qingshui, member of the Standing Committee of Gaotang County Committee and Deputy County Mayor, and county leaders: Xu Lin, Xu Baomin, Yang Jun, Lu Xiaoning, Li Fengzhong, and Gu Zhenjuan participated.
Zhang Ying and his party visited the Chenqi environmental protection tableware production workshop and listened carefully to the report of Zhou Yipeng, the director of the Development Zone Management Committee at the construction site of 3 # and 4 #. Relevant measures of project construction progress.
Secretary Zhang Ying spoke highly of the construction of the Chenqi project, and requested to grasp the progress of the project, build it with high standards, and promote it with high efficiency, so as to realize the early completion of the Chenqi project, the early production, and the benefits.