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Carry forward the spirit of craftsman and build Chenqi brand

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The Chenqi Group's green and environmentally friendly pulp tableware mainly faces mid-to-high-end catering and household consumption, and has been highly recognized by domestic customers. It has been exported to Europe, the Middle East and other foreign markets in large quantities. Consumers have very high product quality requirements. Put forward Chen Qi product quality standards "survive by quality, develop by quality", do high-end manufacturing, high-end brand, win the recognition of the domestic and foreign markets, improve the level of products.
The "artisan spirit" advocated by the Chen Qi Group has always been to improve quality and create a brand. The "artisan spirit" is not only a kind of creativity, but also a kind of productivity. Only by carrying out quality improvement and process innovations, and constantly breaking through various bottlenecks restricting production and circulation, can high-standard brands be finally formed, which can also improve labor productivity and reduce costs.
The products are made by all employees, everyone is a craftsman, and they should abide by their ingenuity. While creating high-quality products, Chen Qi Group is constantly improving the capabilities and qualities of employees. To carry forward the "artisan spirit" is to make the requirement of quality first into the culture of enterprise development, so that everyone takes product quality and innovation as their own needs. Every small link, every new technology, can only be improved and improved by ingenuity, and only by continuous improvement of products can we gain more space for enterprise development.