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Chenqi Group held the PK championship commendation meeting in August

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On September 16, 2019, Chenqi Group held the August production PK championship commendation ceremony, honouring advanced, encouraging morale, and uniting strength, setting a good team example for all employees.
At the beginning of August, Chenqi Company established a workshop team PK mechanism, and performed an oath at the pre-class meeting. The champion team was selected by the PK of each team for one month, and commendations and cash rewards were given at the pre-class meeting.
At the meeting, Deputy General Manager Cao Liangwei read out the list of production champion teams in August and issued a PK bonus of 35981 yuan. A grand award ceremony was held to encourage the winning teams to make persistent efforts, continue to play an exemplary role, and make great achievements in their work.
We Chenqi Group is a modern disposable environmentally friendly pulp tableware manufacturing enterprise. Advanced production equipment, strong R & D strength, complete quality control system, complete inspection equipment, and superior working and living conditions. Don't be discouraged by the team that has not won the championship. The designed production capacity of the 1 # workshop is 36 tons per day. I hope that everyone will redouble their efforts, improve their skills, summarize their experience, unite as one, and work hard to strive for the championship in the PK in September.
With the strong support of the company's leaders and the unified management of the production department, all cadres and staffs are united in their efforts to overcome difficulties, overcome tense hardships, and overcome the pressures, and successfully completed the production tasks in August. The company fully links employees' wages, personal honors and corporate benefits, inspires the morale of all employees, encourages the morale of all employees, promotes the spirit of hard work and hard work, and encourages and guides the majority of cadres and employees to firmly establish awareness of indicators and target production Plan to complete the task well and quickly, and contribute to the production and operation goals of Chenqi Group.
All cadres and employees should be closely united around the company, strengthen the belief of win, strengthen the awareness of indicators and the implementation of responsibilities, carry forward the fine tradition of hard work, invigorate and forge ahead, and use more practical actions to create better results.