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Amercia Tray

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T009 Amercia Tray 23 265×215×25 50  500 44 45.5 28

Shandong Chenqi environmental protection new material technology Co., Ltd., founded on May 7, 2018, is located in Gaotang Economic Development Zone, the famous "hometown of painting and calligraphy art" in China, with superior geographical location and convenient transportation. Covering an area of 80 mu, with a total investment of 250 million yuan, it is a modern one-time environmental protection pulp tableware production and operation enterprise integrating "R & D, design, manufacturing, sales and service".

The main products are two series of natural color and white. There are more than 1000 kinds of paper pulp boxes, plates, bowls, plates, paper cups, paper straws, etc. and we can customize products with different weight, specifications and styles according to customers' needs.

Chenqi group has invested heavily in the introduction of advanced production equipment, strong R & D force, perfect quality control system and complete health inspection equipment. All the physical properties and health indicators of the products have passed the national ISO9001 \ ISO14000 and GB / t28000 international quality system certification, gb18006, 1-1999 standards, and the standards of international health inspection institutions such as FDA of the United States, SGS of Europe and Ministry of health of Japan. Products are exported to America, Europe, Southeast Asia and other parts of the world, well received by users.

Vernon pulp tableware uses sugarcane and other 100% non wood plant fiber as pulp. After scientific and technological treatment, food grade water-proof and oil-proof additives are applied to make pulp environmental tableware have the following characteristics:

1. Environmental protection and health, non-toxic and harmless, beneficial to health.   

2. It can resist 120 ℃ hot oil and 100 ℃ hot water without deformation and leakage.   

3. It is suitable for microwave oven baking, refrigerator freezing preservation, high temperature cooking.  

4. It has recycling value, recycling paper, recycling and resource protection.   

5. Natural degradation and argillization to organic fertilizer, reduction to carbon dioxide and water, return to nature

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