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Vice Chairman of Liaocheng Political Consultative Conference Ma Weihong and his party visited Chenqi Group

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On the morning of December 18, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC Ma Weihong led the CPPCC members and a team of 127 people to the Chenyu Group to visit and inspect the work. Zhang Ying, secretary of the Gaotang County Party Committee of the Communist Party of China, Guo Tianshu, secretary of the Administrative Committee of Gaotang Development Zone, and Wang Chunfeng, chairman of Chenchen Group, accompanied the activities.

Chairman Ma Weihong and his delegation visited Chenqi Group

During the visit, Chairman Wang Chunfeng introduced the current market situation and production situation of pulp tableware to Chairman Ma Weihong and his party, and visited the Chenyu production plant and high-standard production workshop.

Secretary of the Management Committee of the Gaotang Economic Development Zone, Guo Tianshu, introduced the development of Chenyu Group and the construction of the enterprise to Chairman Ma Weihong.

Chairman Ma Weihong and his party highly appreciated the development of Chenye Group and said: Chenye's pulp tableware is well positioned and the market has a bright future. I hope that Chenye's development will become better and better. We must set the benchmark for the pulp tableware industry with the highest standards!