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Hello 2020! Chenqi Group wishes you a Happy New Year!

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On the occasion of the coming of 2020, Shandong Chenqi Environmental Protection New Material Technology Co., Ltd. would like to express its sincere gratitude to customers, family and partners in 2019. We hope that we can continue to move forward together in 2020 and in the coming new year Here, Chen Yong people deeply moved the customer with the spirit of hard work, numerous times in order to deliver to customers on time, a pleasant percussion sound at night, that is the voice of Chen Yong people struggle, in order to deliver goods to customers on time. Every time a customer visits, the Chenye people will give the customer a professional and reasonable plan. The Chenye Group is here to welcome the coming of the New Year with everyone with the help of Xi's New Year's speech.


  --Let's fight for the day and night, live up to Shaohua, and welcome the arrival of 2020 together


  -Let's go hand in hand in the new year