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Recruitment notice of Shandong Chenqi Environmental Protection New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

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Shandong Chenqi Environmental Protection New Material Technology Co., Ltd. was established on May 7, 2018. It is located on the east side of Chaoya Road and north of Taihe Road in Gaotang County. It covers a total area of ​​80 acres and has a total investment of 250 million yuan. Design, manufacture, sales and service of modern disposable environmentally friendly pulp tableware production and operation enterprises, the main products are green environmentally friendly disposable pulp tableware, etc. After the project is completed, it will reach an annual production capacity of 20 billion disposable environmentally-friendly meal boxes.


The following positions are required for the newly opened workshop:


4 foreign trade managers: male or female, aged 25-35, English level 4 or above, can communicate with foreign customers in English. Passion for sales, quick response, strong communication skills, strong communication skills and communication skills, affinity, teamwork spirit, and good at challenges.


2 cost accounting: women, accounting, finance and other related professionals are required to carry out related cost management work, mainly to do cost accounting and control. Responsible for cost summary and final accounts.


200 people including workshop management, workshop operators, beaters, blenders, trimmers, inspectors, packers, etc.


Recruitment age: 18-50 years old, fresh graduates will be given priority in employment


Wage treatment: implement piece-rate wages, pay more for more work. Monthly salary of 3,000 to 8,000 yuan!