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Use paper cutlery, environmental protection, I will tell you by action

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Our environment is being destroyed. As a member of our homeland, we need to contribute our own weak strength.
Now the catering industry has good development prospects, and many people make a fortune through this industry, but this industry is also very capable of causing damage to our environment.
In the catering industry, disposable tableware is the most used. The use of a large number of disposable tableware wastes energy and destroys the environment. At this time, new tableware is needed.
Shandong Chenqi Group, a pulp tableware company and an environmentally friendly tableware manufacturer.
Chenqi pulp tableware uses natural and non-polluting raw materials. The products are highly degradable and the decomposition products will not damage the environment.
In terms of protecting the environment, Chen Qi's pulp tableware is worthy of everyone's trust.
More importantly, there are many styles of Chenqi pulp lunch boxes, and various products meet the needs of life.
The types of tableware involved include various series of bowls, plates, dishes, packaging boxes, etc. In addition, each series also has dozens of products, so many products can meet the needs of various consumers.
In order to pursue profits, the current catering merchants do not hesitate to use a large number of environmentally harmful tableware, such as disposable plastic tableware.
But with the strengthening of the national environmental protection policy, the country began to implement environmental protection measures. In order to obtain national support, merchants began to pay attention to environmental protection, and the demand for environmentally friendly tableware rose directly.
It is too late to protect the environment from now on. Starting with our diet, use less disposable plastic tableware and use more environmentally friendly tableware.