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Chen Qi fire drill builds a safety lifeline

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On the afternoon of April 26, Chenqi Group held the "2020 Spring Fire Emergency Response Drill." The purpose of this exercise is to implement the "Fire Safety Responsibility System Implementation Measures", at the same time improve employees' fire awareness and emergency capabilities, test the organization and coordination capabilities of various departments, test the effectiveness and performance of fire protection facilities, and protect company personnel, property and Operational safety.
A simulation exercise was conducted at the site of the new production workshop where more than 200 front-line operators participated. The drill process is as follows: simulated fire => employee alarm => emergency evacuation => fire extinguisher / fire hydrant water jet drill => the drill is over, the method is orderly and quick and effective.
Training has also been added at the exercise site: to explain the relevant knowledge of fire fighting, three meetings and four meetings, and four capacity building; to explain the use procedures, methods and precautions of fire extinguishers and fire hydrants and other fire extinguishing equipment, and organize participants to perform fire extinguishing equipment on site Use hands-on.
Work safety is an important guarantee for the development of an enterprise, and it is particularly important to do a good job in safety. This fire drill has greatly stimulated the enthusiasm of employees to pay attention to fire fighting, learn fire fighting, and participate in fire fighting. It allows employees to more intuitively understand the danger and complexity of the fire site, so that employees have further mastered the use of fire equipment and trained employees Faced with the emergency response capability of a sudden fire, it has laid a solid foundation for the company's safe production.